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Philipp Blum
Prof. Dr. Ph. Blum

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Reservoir Modellierung

Fluid flow in rock fractures plays an important role in many geoscientific applications such as reservoir (e.g. geothermal energy and hydrocarbon extraction, deep well injection/storage) or geotechnical engineering (e.g. nuclear waste repository, tunneling, landslides). Rock fractures typically are represented by two opposite rough surfaces forming a pattern of voids and contact areas, which define the pathways of the fluids. However, fracture flow is not only a matter of surface topologies, but also relies on the stress regime (e.g. fracture closure due to deformation or destruction along contact areas with increasing loading)

Aktuelle Projekte
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Prof. Dr. Philipp Blum, M. Sc. Tim Klose

Prof. Dr. Ph. Blum

Prof. Dr. Philipp Blum (KIT), Prof. Dr. Christoph Butscher (TU Freiberg), M. Sc. Sina Hale (KIT)

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Jun. Prof. Dr. habil. Philipp Blum, Conny Zeeb

Hübsch, M. (geb. Kasten),
Jun.-Prof. Dr. habil. Blum, P.