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Field trip to Riehen on 10th February

Insights into a successful geothermal project in Switzerland close to the German border


On Friday, 10th February, a group of ~50 students visited the geothermal power plant in Riehen (CH). Since 1994, the power plant is producing hot water with a temperature of 65°C from a well reaching the Muschelkalk in 1547 m depth. After heat extraction, the cooled water is reinjected at 25°C into the injection well drilled to 1247m depth.

Guided by Mr. Schädle (Schädle GmbH) and Mr. Klingler (ENAW), the students could visit the well and the base-load centre. They learned basic principles of heat production, scaling and corrosion inhibition, and the principles of heat provision with a mix of geothermal energy, a block-type thermal power station and heat exchangers to supply the town of Riehen.

Many thanks to Mr. Schädle and Mr. Klingler for interesting insights into this successful geothermal project. More information about the geothermal project in Riehen: Click