Institute of Applied Geosciences

Department of Engineering Geology

The Department of Engineering Geology is part of the Institute of Applied Geosciences in Karlsruhe. Our task is to advance the geological aspects that underpin developments in civil and construction engineering, mining and energy resources as well as environmental, transportation and supply infrastructure. Engineering geology connects the geological and engineering sciences.


The visualisation of time series of groundwater and air temperatures in Karlsruhe indicates a significant warming during the last 50 years. The upper bars show the annual air temperatures between 1968 and 2018, and an increase in the number of relatively warm years (red stripes). Similar patterns are observed across the globe (link to external website:

The lower stripes display the average annual temperatures in a shallow aquifer outside of Karlsruhe, which show a delayed and damped response to surface warming. Current research at the Department of Engineering Geology looks at the energetic and environmental consequences of these temperature changes. 



Worldwide application of aquifer thermal energy storage — A review

Author: Fleuchaus, P., Godschalk, B., Stober, I., Blum, P.

Source: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews



Comparing anthropogenic heat input and heat accumulation in the subsurface of Osaka, Japan

Author: Benz, S.A., Bayer, P., Blum, P., Hamamoto, H., Arimoto, H., Taniguchi, M.

Source: Science of the Total Environment

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