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Our funding comes from a variety of sources including:


Our Reserach

From basic research to demonstration projects

We investigate urgent questions of geothermal research and work on multidisciplinary topics that are linked to the successful use of deep geothermal energy in order to understand and control the occurring coupled processes. Our research contributes to the research field "Energy" within the program "Renewable Energies" as defined by the Helmholtz Association.

Our goal is the development of new technologies based on basic research and the transfer of research results into innovative industrial applications for a sustainable energy system of the future.

Publications & Theses

To get an overview of our latest research, view our most recent publications and dissertations. Lists of publications grouped by topic are also included under each of the research areas.


Research Areas

Reservoir Development

Sustainable usage strategies as well as a good understanding of the geothermal reservoir are the basis for the optimal exploitation of geothermal resources.

Geothermal Exploration

To build a geothermal power plant, the geothermal reservoir in the selected subsoil must be explored at an early stage. For this purpose we use various indirect and direct methods.

Geothermal Fluids

Geothermal fluids form a chemical equilibrium with the reservoir rock. What changes occur in the geothermal system during circulation?


We use numerical methods to understand and influence the effects of highly coupled physical and chemical processes on the geothermal reservoir.

Induced Seismicity and Geomechanics

What is the relationship between the local stress field, the geomechanical properties of fractures and fault zones and induced seismicity?