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KIT Campus South Building 50.40

European Geothermal Workshop

Annual workshop on the sustainable use of geothermal energy, organized alternately by KIT and the Université de Strasbourg.


Geothermal Sites Oberrheingraben

Our Activities


EERA-Joint-Programmes Geothermal

T. Kohl was eleted as leader of the sub-programme 6 Operation of Geothermal Systems

Support Unit for the DG IWG

Deep Geothermal Implementation Working Group Support Unit. KIT in charge of research community input.

DGG Working Group Geothermal Energy

T. Kohl is the spokesperson of the working group geothermal energy of the German Geophysical Society.

Geothermal State Research Center - LFZG

This institution of Baden-Württemberg at KIT aims to promote research, education, and technology development for geothermal energy.

GeoLaB - Geothermal Underground Laboratory

This planned Helmholtz large-scale infrastructure is designed as a generic underground research lab in the crystalline basement of the Black Forest or the Odenwald. > flyer

Geothermal Energy Journal
Geothermal Energy - Open Access Springer Journal

Geothermal Energy  is a peer-reviewed fully open access journal published under the SpringerOpen brand.

LFZG-Info-Videos Geothermal Energy (in German)

The LFZG Baden-Württemberg produced four animated short films that provide information about geothermal energy.