Applied Geosciences Bachelor

We welcome you to our 3-year BSc-program Applied Geosciences at KIT. We deal with the sustainable use of the environment, above and below the earth's surface. We offer an applied study program, embedded in the faculty of engineering.

Type of degree

Bachelor of Science (language of instruction is German)

Regular duration of studies

6 semester

Detailed information on study program



Start of studies

Study and examination regulations (SPO)

Module Manual

from winter semester 2015/16

SPO 2014

Modification from 2016 on SPO 2014

Module manual (German)

(WS 20/21)

Module manual (German)

(SS 20)

Further documents on older study and examination regulations as well as study plans and module manuals can be found in the archive.

Orientation test

The aim of the orientation examination is to show the student at an early stage whether he or she has made the right choice of study and is up to the requirements. As a rule, the orientation examination must have been taken by the end of the third semester. A special feature is that, unlike other examinations, a second repetition is not possible.

The orientation exam in the degree programme Applied Geosciences consists of a module submodule exam in the natural and engineering sciences and a module submodule exam from the geoscientific modules listed in the curriculum. Further details are regulated by the currently valid study and examination regulations (SPO).

Interdisciplinary qualifications

For Bachelor students starting their studies in the winter semester 2015/2016, the interdisciplinary qualifications (formerly "key qualifications") are fixed and consist of the following courses:

  • Scientific work and writing
  • Proseminar
  • Advanced Seminar

Master's preferential account

During the bachelor's programme, credits from the master's programme can already be acquired, but not more than 30 ECTS. This is done via the Master's preferential account. Since BSc students cannot register online for exams from the MSc program, the Admissions Office issues blue certificates for these exams.