Institute of Applied Geosciences

MSc program ERS - Energy, Resources & Storage

Our Applied Geosciences MSc program sustainable Energy, Resources & Storage (ERS) provides an understanding of the Earth's upper crust, utilized by human kind. ERS can be studied completely in English. Topics include courses such as geothermal energy, ore deposits, fossil energy, mineral resources, as well as underground storage for renewable energies & final storage. You can choose courses upon your interest.

The UN sustainable development goals ask for "affordable and clean energy" and "decent work and economic growth", which requires geothermal energy, metals for renewable energies and hydrogen from hydrocarbons to provide the energy volumes to provide CO2-free heating, electricity and energy for industry and mobility. The goal "zero hunger" requires sustainable raw materials since major populations on the globe would starve without. Growing digitalization such as mobile phone and computers require growing rare metals, reflected in the goal "responsible comsumption and production".  Similarly, the UN goal "industry, innovation and infrastructure" ask for resilient infrastructures and sustainable industrialization, which requires for subsurface storage and underground construction. Our wide analytic facilities can detect any footprint left in the environment.

Our graduates work in national and international companies in exploration and production, environmental protection, civil engineering and tunnel construction.

The 2-year MSc program includes courses in the first 3 semesters and the preparation of the MSc thesis and degree in the 4th semester. It is divided into geoscientific core competencies (55 credits, CP), geoscientific specializations (25 CP), subject-related supplements (10 CP) and the master thesis (30 CP). Further information about the variety of selectable modules in each category can be found on the tabs. Further details about the thesis can be found here.

The profile Energy, Resources & Storage - ERS is taught in English.

The ERS profile is closely linked to our research in the national Helmholtz programme for geoenergy, especially geothermal energy, and the country's think tank for industrial resource strategies.

The following table gives an overview of the modules offered in the Master's program in Applied Geosciences, Profile ERS - Energy, Resources & Storage. It can also be downloaded here.

Tab. 1 Overview of modules and courses offered in the MSc profile Energy, Resources & Storage offered in the Applied Geosciences @KIT.