All examinations are offered once per semester. It is up to each student to decide on which date he/she wishes to take part.


Excursion and examination calendar


In addition to the list of examination dates by department (below), the examinations of the Institute of Applied Geosciences are also listed in the Outlook calender.

If you have any questions about dates, please contact the responsible lecturers or secretariats of the departments!


Test results

For data protection reasons, test results may not be published.

If possible (exceptions are individual module examinations with an overall module grade), grades are recorded immediately and can be viewed via the student portal. In exceptional cases, grades can be obtained from the relevant departmental secretariat or directly from the lecturer.


Further regulations on audits

Further regulations concerning examinations (repetition, deregistration, failure to attend, etc.) can be found in the currently valid study and examination regulations!

Rules concerning examinations during holiday semesters