Recognition of study and examination achievements

Recognition of study and examination achievements according to § 19 SPO Bachelor 2014 and § 18 SPO Master 2016 Applied Earth Sciences at KIT

The examination regulations of the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Applied Geosciences at KIT stipulate that the achievements required in the curriculum of the respective program can also be proven by the recognition of external achievements. A distinction is made between achievements

  • within the higher education system (worldwide, all credits earned at a recognised higher education institution in an accredited degree programme);
  • outside the higher education system (achievements proven at institutions with a standardised quality assurance system)

The prerequisite for recognition is the determination of the equivalence of the acquired competences by expert examiners. This involves comparing the qualification goals in the KIT goal module and the external performance and determining whether they essentially correspond. The scope and depth of external performance should be equivalent.

Reasons for refusal (i.e. an externally provided service is not considered equivalent) for the subject examiners may include

  • if there is no equivalence of competences
  • if the topicality is no longer given
  • if equivalence cannot be determined due to missing documents

The request may be made:

Applicants for higher semesters (change of study programme or change of location).
Please note: In addition to any applications for recognition that may have been submitted, a current grade sheet with all passed and failed grades must be submitted with the application.

Students on the KIT study program (First semester students who want to have their academic achievements from previous courses of study recognised or students returning from international time studies)
Please note: For study programs abroad, it is strongly recommended to discuss the possibility of recognition of the intended courses with the respective KIT representative. On this occasion, further recognition details will be determined, e.g. whether a grade will be awarded (standard default) or not. The agreement reached is recorded in writing. Should there be any changes in the program on site later, these should be clarified immediately with the KIT Institute, e.g. by e-mail. In case of Erasmus, the Learning Agreement must be drawn up in advance with the Erasmus coordinator at KIT.

Form of application:

  1. Applications must be submitted within the 1st semester after enrolment.
  2. Compare your external performance with the local, scheduled performance via the module handbook.
  3. Contact the responsible subject examiners (usually those responsible for the module) and clarify which documents are required for recognition.
  4. Print and complete the application form:
    a) Application form (for services outside the Erasmus+ programme)
    b) Application form (for services provided during an Erasmus+ stay)
  5. A separate application must be made for each benefit for which recognition is sought
  6. Fill in page 1 of the form completely and copy it according to the number of services to be recognised
  7. Please complete page 2 of the application for each achievement you wish to have recognised.
  8. For each achievement, attach a copy of the first page and the completed page 2 of the achievement to be recognised and enclose with each application all documents required for recognition (e.g. copy of the certificate, transcript of records, extracts from the module handbook), on which the examination achievements on which recognition is based are documented. For documents that are not available in German or English, an officially certified translation may be required.
  9. Submit all documents to the examiner as agreed. If equivalence exists with regard to the acquired competences (qualification objectives), this will be confirmed by the examiner with a stamp and signature.
    The final recognition is made by the examination board on the basis of the opinion of the responsible subject examiner. Please hand in the completed and signed application form to the examination secretariat (Ms. Lohkamp-Schmitz).
  10. Enclose a copy of the confirmation of the service provided.
  11. The examination board will inform you about the decision by e-mail.
  12. The achievements are usually entered a few weeks later by the Studiengangservice Bau-Geo-Umwelt or the Prüfungssekretariat Angewandte Geowissenschaften.
  13. Please check whether the achievements have been entered correctly.


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