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Dr. Hans Joachim Mueller

Phone+49 721 608 45221
Fax+49 721 608 43374
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Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT)
Institute of Applied Geosciences (AGW)
Adenauerring 20b, D-76131 Karlsruhe

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

  • Geophysical large volume high pressure research in conjunction with light and neutron sources
  • High pressure ultrasonic interferometry
  • High pressure falling sphere viscosimetry
  • Seismic attenuation
  • Elastic and inelastic properties of natural rocks and its artificial representatives under extreme conditions
  • Experimental investigation of elastic properties in the seismic frequency range by the LVP deformation technique
  • Multi-staging in DIA-type LVPs – bridging the pressure gap between large volume and diamond anvil cell hp technology
  • Comparative study of long term climate development of terrestrial planets and Earth
  • Development and political enforcement of real negative emissions on planet Earth before the ongoing climate change gets irreversibly

Current Projects

  • Cooperation with Macquarie University and Australian Synchrotron (ANSTO) for establishing of new LVP-beamlines
  • Research for real large scale negative emissions technologies


Completed Projects

  • Petrophysikalisch-mineralogische Untersuchungen zur Teufenvariation der Granite des Erzgebirges als Beitrag zur stofflichen Interpretation des Profils DEKORP 3 (DFG)
  • Experimental study on petrophysical properties of thickened continental crust using fennoscandian granulite facies rocks
  • Experimentelle Untersuchungen zu den petrophysikalischen Eigenschaften im Verlauf der Dehydratisation amphibolitfazieller Gesteine – Fallstudien zur „kalten Subduktion“
  • Experimental study on petrophysical properties in the course of CO2-induced dehydration of amphibolite
  • Quantitative relation between compressional and shear wave velocities and material state of granulite and eclogite facies rocks near high pressure partial melting conditions – sample sites at Lapland Granulite Belt, Saxonian Erzgebirge, Canadian Shield, China
  • Dissipation of partial melts and its influence to elastic wave velocities (vp, vs) in granites under high pressure conditions – sample sites at Himalaya and Saxonian Erzgebirge
  • Experimental investigation of sensitivity ranges of elastic, electrical and thermal rock properties under process conditions near partial melting by simultaneous measurement of more than one physical property
  • Spinels at elevated pressure and temperature: linking the gap between geo- and material-scientific projects (DFG Schwerpunkt)
  • Transient measurements under simulated Earth’s mantle conditions
  • Studying the correlation between structure and matter in the course of geodynamically relevant phase transitions under simulated Earth’s mantle conditions
  • Structure and properties of deep Earth and planetary materials under extreme pressure – temperature conditions. From static towards dynamic experiments
  • Studying the physical properties of melts and partial molten polymineral assemblages under simulated Earth’s mantle conditions
  • Dependence of elastic and inelastic properties of natural rocks and similar polymineral assemblages on frequency and deformation under simulated Earth’s lower mantle conditions
  • LVP experiments on the phase diagram of NiSi to 19 GPa and preliminary results to 60 GPa
  • Using slotted carbide anvils for improved X-ray access in synchrotron-base mult anvil experiments


Publications 2


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