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Structural development and heat storage potentials in the east-central Upper Rhine Graben (SW Germany): Constraints from 3D-seismic and borehole data
Bauer, F.; Grimmer, J. C.; Steiner, U.; Gudelius, D.; Houpt, L.; Hertweck, T.; Schill, E.
2022. EGU General Assembly 2022, Copernicus. doi:10.5194/egusphere-egu22-5134
Two distinct age groups of melilitites, foidites, and basanites from the southern Central European Volcanic Province reflect lithospheric heterogeneity
Binder, T.; Marks, M. A. W.; Gerdes, A.; Walter, B. F.; Grimmer, J.; Beranoaguirre, A.; Wenzel, T.; Markl, G.
2022. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 112 (3), 881–905. doi:10.1007/s00531-022-02278-y
Thermal-hydraulic-mechanical (THM) modeling of high-temperature heat storage using DeepStor as a case study
Stricker, K.; Egert, R.; Grimmer, J. C.; Gholami Korzani, M.; Schill, E.; Kohl, T.
2022. European Geothermal Congress (EGC) : Berlin, Germany, 17-21 October 2022 : proceedings, Bundesverband Geothermie
The Potential of Depleted Oil Reservoirs for High-Temperature Storage Systems
Stricker, K.; Grimmer, J. C.; Egert, R.; Bremer, J.; Gholami Korzani, M.; Schill, E.; Kohl, T.
2020. Energies, 13 (24), Art.-Nr.: 6510. doi:10.3390/en13246510
Utilization of Abandoned Hydrocarbon Reservoirs for Deep Geothermal Heat Storage
Stricker, K. R.; Grimmer, J.; Meixner, J.; Dashti, A.; Egert, R.; Gholamikorzani, M.; Schätzler, K.; Schill, E.; Kohl, T.
2020. Upstream oil & gas talks climate and the energy transition : DGMK/ÖGEW-Frühjahrstagung, 75–84, Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Erdöl, Erdgas und Kohle e.V. (DGMK)
Magnetic fabric development in the Lower Seve thrust from the COSC-1 drilling, Swedish Caledonides
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Magnetic fabric constraints for syn-magmatic doming of the laccolithic Brocken granite pluton (Harz Mountains, northern Germany)
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The Late Variscan control on the location and asymmetry of the Upper Rhine Graben
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Structural control of geothermal reservoirs in extensional tectonic settings: An example from the Upper Rhine Graben
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Criteria and geological setting for the generic geothermal underground research laboratory, GEOLAB
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Cretaceous-Cenozoic history of the southern Tan-Lu fault zone: apatite fission-track and structural constraints from the Dabie Shan (eastern China)
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