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Estimating the Static Formation Temperature Using the Drilling and Logging Data of the RN-15/IDDP-2 Well in Iceland [in press].
Wang, J.; Nitschke, F.; Gaucher, E.; Kohl, T.
2019. DEEPEGS Symposium: How to enhance deep geothermal well productivity? - Orléans, France, 6-7 November 2019
Temperature log simulations in high-enthalpy boreholes.
Wang, J.; Nitschke, F.; Gholami Korzani, M.; Kohl, T.
2019. Geothermal Energy, 7 (1), 32. doi:10.1186/s40517-019-0149-0
First results from stimulation assessment and monitoring of the 426°C geothermal well RN-15/IDDP-2 (H2020-DEEPEGS project).
Köpke, R.; Haaf, N.; Limberger, F.; Wang, J.; Peters, M.; Gaucher, E.; Schill, E.; Kohl, T.
2018. Ideen und Innovationen für die Energie von morgen : Wissenschaftliche Beiträge des KIT zu den Jahrestagungen 2014, 2016 und 2017 des KIT-Zentrums Energie. Ed.: W. Breh, 91–96, KIT Scientific Publishing. doi:10.5445/IR/1000085342
Numerical quantification of Scaling Processes in Boreholes -Case study: Well Groß Buchholz Gt1 (GeneSys-Project).
Nitschke, F.; Held, S.; Gholami Korzani, M.; Wang, J.; Himmelsbach, T.; Kohl, T.
2018, November 27. Der Geothermiekongress (DGK 2018), Essen, Germany, November 27–29, 2018
Temperature analysis of the well RN15/IDDP2 in Reykjanes under long-term flow variations.
Wang, J.; Gholami Korzani, M.; Nitschke, F.; Gaucher, E.; Kohl, T.
2018, October 10. 6th European Geothermal Workshop (EGW 2018), Strasbourg, France, October 10–11, 2018