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Gelände-Training Schottland

Strukturgeologie in den Pyrenäen

Gelände-Training S-England

 Bsc. - Kartierübung Saar-Nahe Becken


Bachelor    Master
Geological Maps and Cross Sections (in German)
(SS, 2.Sem., VÜ2)
  Applied Structural Geology
(WS, 1. Sem., VÜ3)
GField Methods (in German)
(SS, 2.Sem./September, 5 days)
  Depositional Systems
(WS, 1.Sem., VÜ1)
Structural Geology & Tecotnics (in German)
(WS, 3.Sem., VÜ3)
  Reservoir Geology
(2.Sem., 2SWS, VÜ2)
(half semester as VÜ4 in the 1st half)
Field Mapping Course (in German)
(VL-free time bt. 3. and 4. Sem./March-April, 7 days)
  Field seminar Reservoir Geology/ S-England
(SS, 2. Sem./september, 4SWS, S)
Regional & Historical Geology (in German)
SS, 4. Sem., VÜ2S4) Field Seminar on two weekends Fri-Sat, Ardennes and around Karlsruhe
(WS, 3.Sem./ with industry partner in October VÜ2)

Regionale Geology in the field (alternative Alps, Rhinegraben, Scotland)
(SS,4. Sem., 4 SWS, 2 weekends during SS)

  Reservoir- Analogs & Core Description
(SS, 2. Sem./ in the core shed of industry partner in March, S2)
(SS, 4. Sem., S2)
(WS, 3. Sem., 2SWS)

Large field trip 2018: Oman (YouTube) (ClicKIT)

Large field trip 2019: Iceland (ClicKIT)

(10 days, S8) usualy every 2nd or 3rd year

  Field Seminar Structural Geology/ Spanien
(SS, 2. Sem./September, 4 SWS)
    Project Management - PRO (Planning, Realization, Optimization)
(SS, 2. Sem., 1SWS)
    Geoscience field seminar (Geowissenschaftliche Geländeübungen)
(SS, 2. Sem., 5SWS) 2018 Oman, 2019 Island

Electives: Field trips,

project study (students participate
in recent research topici), advanced
mapping course (upon request),
Petroleum Systems & Reservoir Modelling
(3. or 4. Semester, with industry partner)

Legend: V - Lectures, Ü - Exercises, S - Seminar