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Field Training

We offer field seminars, that means after documentation and interpretation of geological phenomena and relationships in small groups in the field you work out the open questions in long evening meetings. We generally stay the night in our tents. A basic physical fitness is required.

Saar-Nahe Basin: Our 1.5-week Bachelor mapping course introduces our students to the fundamentals of geological mapping. I small groups areas are mapped in the Saar-Nahe Basin. This covers the identification of sedimentary, magmatic and low metamorphic rocks, the localization and documentation in the field, the interpretation of depositional- and tectonic processes and the source areas. In the evening we work out the data generated during the day.

SW-England: Our one-week Master field seminar focuses on reservoir properties of sedimentary rocks, exposed on the cliffs of the Channel and the Bristol Channel. Applied aspects of energy resources and storage are worked out at world-famous exposures, which are frequently visited by globally operating companies. Bristol-& Ärmelkanal, UK

Pyrenees: The one-week Master field seminar focuses on the southern part of the Pyrenees and the Ebro basin. A general understanding of the structural setup of the alpine foreland fold-and-thrust belt and the lithology will be worked out during eventing sessions. Pyrenäen

Scottish Highlands: Our one-week Bachelor field seminar focuses on metamorphic, magmatic and sedimentary rocks in the field. Content covers regional- and contact metamorphism, caldera development, polyphase deformation, sedimentation and rifting. You will be introduced to the fundamental processes at world-known exposures and work in small groups. During evening we will work out the data and develop geological models. Schottisches Hochland

Upper Rhine Graben: We offer a field trip to quarries in the Upper Rhine Graben area, concentrating on Buntsandstein and Muschelkalk sediments. Content covers depositional systems in the Trias and structural geology.

Oman: We are currently planning a 10 day field trip to Oman which covers evaporites, ophiolites, mantle rocks and recent eolian sediments.