Institute of Applied Geosciences


This one-week MSc (major Energy, Resources & Storage and Flexi-Geo) field seminar Reservoir-Geology to the coasts of the Bristol- and British Channel is the follow-up of our MSc Basic Geology module (courses Structural Geology and Depositional Systems). Its goal is a fundamental understanding of reservoir- and source rocks, including sedimentary, diagenetic and structural aspects and a general understanding of the Meso- to Cenozoic basins of the region.

We visit the famous cliffs along the Bristol Channel and the British Channel, covering Triassic to Cretaceous rocks. Source- and reservoir rocks are studied in detail, covering locations at Lilstock, Kilve and Watchet, as well as Budleigh Salterton, Kimmeridge Bay, Bridport Cliffs, Lyme Regis, Lulworth Cove and Osmington Mills. Students work out the geology of these world class exposures, covering several aspects covering structural diagenesis, porous siliciclastic- and fractured carbonate reservoir rocks, source rocks, regional geology and its relation to Karlsruhe's stratigraphy, seismic interpretation, structure and sedimentology.

  • day 1 Lilstock, Kilve
  • day 2 Watchet
  • day 3 Budleigh Salterton, Orcombe Point, Lyme Regis
  • day 4 Kimmeridge Bay, Lulworth Cove
  • day 5 West Bay, Osmington Mills