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Field Courses

BSc Field courses

You will travel frequently. You will strengthen your knowledge of the earth further during a

  • 5 days introduction to field work on the western flank of the Rhine graben rift, France (2. semester)
  • 5 days introduction field trip from NE Bavaria to the Harz mountinas (2. semester)
  • 10 days mapping project between the Saar-Nahe basin and the Eifel (4. semester)
  • 5 days field trip from the Ardennes to the Swiss Alps (4. semester, module Geology of Central Europe)
  • 5 days applied field methods in the Swiss Alps (6. semester)
We offer further field courses to the nuclear storage test site Mont Terri, Switzerland, tunnel projects in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, management of groundwater, production from mines, and utilization of geothermal and fossil energy in the Rhine Graben - or you may find yourself on a mapping course in NW-Scotland (4.-6. Sem.).

MSc Field courses

We also feel that your hands-on field training is essential during your MSc.

Whether hydrogeology in the Swiss Alps, sedimentology and structures on the coast of S-England, the Pyrenees, Spain or the Black Forest, we discover the world.

  • 10 days mapping project, Pyrenees, Spain
  • 5 days Bristol Channel and Wessex basin, UK (2. semester, module Reservoir-Geology)
  • 5 days Pyrenees, Spain  (2. semester, module Structural Geology)

Our international field trips are guided to

  • 2016 Iceland

  • 2017 Brazil

  • 2018 Oman

  • 2019 Iceland

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