Institute of Applied Geosciences

Our mission

The applied geosciences have been an integral part of the KIT since its foundation in 1825. Geoscientists work as natural scientists with complex systems of low data density. Due to their spatial and temporal understanding of earth systems ...?????

innovative research, applied teaching.

We contribute to a sustainable and innovative use of the environment in the applied subject areas of geoenergy, geosystems, groundwater and raw materials, and serve as an interface to engineering with our expertise in safe building ground and geosystems. The innovative environment of the KIT offers our students the best prerequisites for their further path into the job market and research.

Our vision

Sustainable use of the environment, above and underground.

Our internationally visible research in the fields of geoenergy, geosystems storage, groundwater and raw materials supply makes decisive contributions to society in the sustainable use of the environment.

In the innovative environment of the KIT University of Excellence, our students experience a nationally competitive, performance-oriented education in addition to sound technical knowledge and independent action.

Our degree programme in Applied Geosciences reflects our profiling and internationalisation through the fields of Sustainable Energy-Raw Materials Storage, Hydro- & Engineering Geology and Mineralogy & Geochemistry.

Our planned course of study in Environmental and Georesource Management is designed to educate young people in an interdisciplinary way in order to manage the major future topics of water, energy, raw materials and the environment in a sustainable manner.


Our values

together, tolerant, global.

Free thought, speech and research in Karlsruhe, the democratic cradle and city of justice of the Federal Republic of Germany.