Institute of Applied Geosciences


The Board of Directors consists of the heads of the seven divisions of the Institute of Applied Geosciences (AGW) and the Chairman of the Institute Steering Committee (ILA), and is represented by the Managing Director:

Geochemie & Lagerstättenkunde Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb
Geothermics Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohl
Hydrogeology Prof. Dr. Nico Goldscheider
Engineering Geology Prof. Dr. Philipp Blum (deputy Managing Director)
Petrology Prof. Dr. Armin Zeh
Technical Petrophysics Prof. Dr. Frank Schilling
Structural Geology & Tectonics Prof. Dr. Christoph Hilgers (Managing Director)
Representative of the ILA Dr. Hagen Steger

The managing director was Nico Goldscheider until 2019.

Examination Committee

The Examination Committee is responsible for the study relevant aspects of the Institute.

Chairman Prof. Dr. Armin Zeh
Deputy chairman Prof. Dr. Christoph Hilgers
from the circle of professors Prof Dr. Nico Goldscheider
from the field of scientific staff Dr. Elisabeth Eiche
from the field of student representatives  

Further tasks at the Institute AGW:

Laboratory/Security Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb
AGW room representative Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb


Faculty Council

Teaching topics are coordinated in the Faculty of Construction-Geo-Environment BGU. Voting members of the faculty council are currently:

from the field of professors Prof. Dr. Christoph Hilgers
  Prof. Dr. Frank Schilling
from the field of scientific staff Dr. Elisabeth Eiche
as dean of studies and convention representative of the scientific employees in the Senate Prof. Dr. Stefan Norra

PhD Committee


Departmental Council

The Divisional Council in Division IV "Natural and Built Environment" decides on matters that go beyond the faculty. Area IV combines research, teaching, and innovation of the KIT faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Geo- and Environmental Sciences. Furthermore, the three Helmholtz programmes "Atmosphere and Climate", "Renewable Energies" and "Energy Efficiency, Materials and Resources" as well as the four Institutes for Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK-AAF, IMK-ASF, IMK-IFU and IMK-TRO) form the supporting pillars of this field. Currently, the members of the divisional council are from the AGW:

from the field of professors Prof. Frank Schilling (Dekan BGU)
as representative of the institute AGW Prof. Dr. Christoph Hilgers
as a deputy Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb

Centre for Climate and Environment

Topic Speaker Georesources Centre Climate and Environment Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb
Deputy Topic Speaker Prof. Dr. Philipp Blum
Backup Prof. Dr. Christoph Hilgers
Topic Speaker Water Prof. Dr. Nico Goldscheider
Energy Centre Prof. Dr. Frank Schilling
POF IV Prof. Dr. Frank Schilling
ThinkTank Industrial Resource Strategies, Speaker Steering Committee Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb