Institute Staff Board

The Institute Staff Board (ILA) is the body in which the employees of the AGW have the opportunity to actively participate in the organization of the institute. The Institute for Applied Geosciences (AGW) of KIT is composed of the following bodies:

  • Management Committee
  • Institute Staff Board (ILA)
  • Institute Assembly

The Institute Staff Board is composed of the members of the Directorate and ten staff members (§ 3 para. 1 no. 1 - 3 of the Institute Rules) who are not members of the Directorate. Half of them are elected by the staff members (§10 of the Institute Regulations), the other half is delegated by the Directorate. The term of office is 2 years.

Elected and appointed members of the ILA until January 2026 are

Tasks of the ILA are (among others)

  • The Directorate informs the Institute Staff Board about all important matters of the Institute.
  • The Institute Staff Board advises the Board of Directors and is involved in the decision-making process in accordance with §9 of the Institute's rules and regulations.
  • The Institute Staff Board can make proposals (e.g. on necessary positions for Institute tasks, measures for occupational safety, support in the standardization of processes within the Institute's working groups, improvement of working conditions for all staff and doctoral students at the AGW, etc.) and make suggestions.

The Institute Staff Board should meet at regular intervals, but at least once every six months. It decides by simple majority of those present, provided that at least half of its members and at least one elected member are present.
All staff members are welcome to contribute ideas regarding the development of the Institute to the ILA.