Project study

The aim of the project study is to work on a given problem according to your own time and resource planning. The examination is carried out by elaborating the results in a project report followed by a presentation in a lecture. The amount of work corresponds to about 150h (5 ECTS). Furthermore a course on the basics of project management is part of the project study.

Current offered project studies can be found on the respective pages of the different Chairs


Students of the Master programme Applied Geosciences from SPO 2016 can complete a minimum of 4 weeks (full-time) professional internship as an alternative to the project study. Subsequently, a practical course report is to be prepared as an equivalent to the project study and a presentation (~20min) is to be given.

The student is responsible for the acquisition and organization of the internship place. The following requirements apply for recognition:

  1. Before starting the internship, the student will independently find a lecturer who is authorised to conduct examinations and who will confirm the geoscientific relevance of the course on the basis of a written work plan (content, time frame) agreed with the company/institution concerned and who will be responsible for grading the final report and presentation.
  2. It is obligatory to submit a certificate of internship from the internship office stating the completed internship, duration and field of activity.

The respective secretariats of the Chairs or the corresponding lecturers may provide contact to companies, in which professional internships with a geoscientific background can be completed.