Our Mission

Applied Geosciences has been an integral part of KIT since its foundation in 1825. Geoscientists work as natural scientists with complex systems of low data density. 

innovative research, applied teaching.

We contribute to the applied themes of energy, storage, groundwater and raw materials, and provide an interface to civil engineering with our expertise in ground investigation and subsurface storage. The innovative environment of KIT enables our students to progress in their career in industry and research.

Our vision

Sustainable use of the environment, above and below ground.

Our internationally visible research in the fields of GeoEnergy, GeoStorage, Groundwater and Raw Material Supply provides essential knowledge to society and industry on the sustainable use of the environment.

Our students receive a fundamental know-how, act self-responisble and a nationally competititve, performance-oriented education.

Our study program Applied Geosciences reflects our profiling and internationalization, covered by the subjects sustainable energy-raw materials-storage, hydro- & engineering geology and mineralogy & geochemistry.

Our additional, future program georesources-management will train our students interdisciplinarily, to manage the grand challanges water, energy, raw materials and environment sustainable.

Our values 

together, tolerant, globally

Free thinking, speech and research in Karlsruhe, the birthplace of democracy in Germany.