State research center Geothermics (LFZG)


The LFZG is a technically independent institution of the State of Baden-Württemberg established at KIT with the objective of promoting interdisciplinary research, teaching, training, and technology development in geothermal energy in Baden-Württemberg.


This is achieved by coordinating research activities in Baden-Württemberg, providing expert information to the public and independent - based on the latest scientific findings - advice to citizens, authorities, politics and industry.


Tasks of the LFZG at a glance

  • Development of research fields in the field of geothermal energy
  • Coordination and agreement of interdisciplinary projects in research, development and application
  • Research and technology transfer through teaching, further education and economic practice
  • Cooperation with national and international research institutions
  • Transparent public relations work in the form of conferences, workshops and exhibitions



The seat of the LFZG is the KIT. Further details on the tasks of the LFZG can be found at, where you will also find four informative films on geothermal energy.


Head of the LFZG Professor Dr. Frank Schilling Phone 0721 6084 4725
Deputy Head Dr. Kathrin Menberg Phone 0721 60843414
Manager of the office Dr. Birgit Müller Phone 0721 6084 5221
Secretariat Jessica Blackwell Phone 0721 608 44731


Videos of the LFZG on geothermal energy

You can find some short videos about geothermal energy under Institute > Media