International Field Trips

During the Master's program at KIT, students have the opportunity to participate in at least one major international excursion. Past and current or planned stays are among others:

  • 2022: Oman (12 days), movie on YouTube

  • 2020: South Africa (12 days)

  • 2019: Iceland (12 days), movie on YouTube

  • 2018: Oman (12 days), movie on YouTube

  • 2017: Brazil (12 days), movie on Facebook

  • 2017: Milos, Greece (10 days)

  • 2017: Southern England (8 days)

  • 2015: Iceland (12 dayys)

Mapping courses

A mapping course is mandatory for every MSc student. The usually 10-day course can currently be taken either in southern Spain or in Sweden.

Field exercises

Various modules offer field courses for small groups:

The field excercises are subject to change. Further information can be found in KIT's Campus Management for Students and in the current module handbook.

Additional information

Please consider to register early since participant lists may fill up quickly. Registration for the field trips is usually done on specific dates, which are announced in time.

The secretary offices will ask you by e-mail to make the corresponding payments by a certain deadline. With the payment you are then registered for the respective excursion. Cancellation or refund in case of non-participation is usually not possible.

A travel allowance of 10 €/day (max. 50 € per excursion) is charged to students. Accommodation costs are generally borne by the students themselves! For larger excursions, part of the travel costs can also be passed on to the students.

Recommended equipment to take

To make it easier for you to plan your first excursions, some important equipment is listed below. Special features will be announced on the notice board and/or in the preliminary meeting.

  • KIT-geology-fieldbook
  • Off-road clothing
  • Hiking boots
  • Field book
  • Geologist's hammer, belt loop if necessary
  • Magnifying lens(10x magnification)
  • compass
  • pencil, water resistant roller pen, coloured pencils
  • Backpack
  • script / literature
  • Identification aids
  • possibly measuring tape
  • Rain cover (rain jacket or poncho)
  • Sun protection (sun cream and cap / hat)
  • Daily catering (food and drink)

For excursions lasting several days, the following things are added:

  • change of clothes
  • Washing utensils
  • Sleeping bag
  • Slippers
  • nealth insurance, vaccination card
  • possibly medication