After graduation

Job applications and jobs

The width of the profession of geoscientist extends over various fields of work, employers are also very diverse. Our geoscientists get a job with SMEs, industry and governmental agencies. This covers the energy and raw material exploration, environmental assessments, foundation, groundwater and pollution, and tunneling. We collaborate with SMEs and industry, and ask our students to do internships with potential employers during their studies.

KIT-Career Service offers KIT graduates information and coaching on any topic related to application & jobs, and contacts to further employees.


We also ask good graduates from any university to go for a doctorate, which, for example, will also enable them to pursue a career in research and teaching at a later stage.

Since your living expenses and research costs need to be covered, you are generally funded within an exististing research project or an individual scholarship, and supervised by a KIT professor. An overview of scholarships is given here, further KIT doctoral programs are given here. You may also consider a binational doctoral program Cotutelle-de-thèse, which is generally possible with any collaborating university worldwide (see chapter 1.3). Further information can be obtained here:

If you are accepted as doctoral candidate by your KIT faculty, you are affiliated with the docotorate convent within our faculty.

ARCADIS-award for geo- and environmental research

The company ARCADIS Germany GmbH annually donates a 1.000 Euro award on geo- and environmental sciences. Awarded are selected, outstanding MSc- and PhD-theses submitted at KIT-institutes coverig geo- and environmental topics. The award is aimed at graduates that submitted their thesis in the past two calendar years. 

Further details and application info: