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Applied Geosciences at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Welcome to the study of Applied Geosciences at the KIT University of Excellence! We are looking forward to welcoming you at KIT in southwestern Germany, close to France and Switzerland.

As one of the most innovative and economically strong regions in Europe, we are also a nucleus of applied geosciences. Since the foundation of the Karlsruhe Polytechnic in 1825, the Applied Geosciences have continuously contributed to the further development of the KIT in research and teaching with their research and teaching on energy, groundwater, and raw materials. At the oldest Technical University in Germany, we are concerned with the sustainable use of the environment on the surface and underground.

During your studies in Germany, our Faculty of Civil Engineering - Geo-Environment opens up unique interfaces with civil engineering, geodesy (remote sensing), and geophysics at KIT.

The Applied Geosciences Karlsruhe researches the processes of the Earth used by man. Our applied study program offers you the opportunity to actively contribute to sustainable geoenergy, groundwater, raw materials and storage for the energy transition.

International top rankings such as the U.S. News and NTU rankings rate Applied Geosciences@KIT as number one in Germany, which demonstrates our international visibility.

Students on a big excursion (our field trips)

In the Bachelor's Program Applied Geosciences @ KIT, solid fundamentals in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and applied geosciences are taught in the first semesters of the natural science program. In the Master's Program Applied Geosciences @ KIT, you choose one of three profiles ERS Energy Resource Storage, HYDRO/ING Hydro- and Engineering Geology, and MiG Mineralogy/Geochemistry. Our study programs are internationally accredited (B. Sc. 2019, M. Sc. 2020).

With our wide range of applied disciplines, you will expand your expertise in lectures and exercises as well as in numerous laboratory internships. During numerous small group exercises, you will also get to know your lecturers personally, in contrast to large study programs. Field exercises and excursions will take you to Germany and abroad, while study visits abroad will help you to sharpen your international profile.

In our Master's program, you will acquire skills in line with your interests to contribute to the sustainable use of the environment and the preservation of our natural resources with your sound understanding of processes.

Your career opportunities

Our graduates work in the field of groundwater and foundation engineering, energy including renewable energies, in resource companies and environmental offices. With your skills of solid science education, critical analysis of complex data and efficient presentation of results, you will acquire basic knowledge for a successful start in industry, government or science.


Bachelor program Applied Geosciences at KIT

Type of degree Bachelor of Science
Standard period of study 6 semesters (3 years, 180 ECTS)
Module manual (MHB) MHB WS 20/21
Limitation of admission not restricted
Futher informationen Details about the Bachlor program

Master program Applied Geosciences at KIT

Type of degree Master of Science
Standard period of study 4 semesters (2 years, 120 ECTS)
Module manual (MHB) MHB WS 20/21
Limitation of admission restricted
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Info brochure

Applied Geosciences Bachelor/ Master of Science (PDF, German)