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Principal Contact Person for Students
Mirja Lohkamp-Schmitz
Building 50.40, Room 117 Office hours: 9 - 12 am.

Phone.: +49 721 608-43316
E-Mail: Mirja Lohkamp-SchmitzTqi3∂kit edu

Study program coordination
Dr. Ruth Haas-Nüesch
Building 50.40, Room 121

Phone: +49 721 608 44172

E-Mail: ruth haas∂kit edu

Chairman of the Examination Committee

Bachelor´s and Master´s Programs

Prof. Dr. Armin Zeh

Building 50.40, Room 117

Phone: +49 721 608-43325

E-mail: armin zehRoj7∂kit edu

Fachschaft Geowissenschaften (Geosciences Students Representation)


SPE Hochschulgruppe (SPE university group)


Applied Geosciences at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The consecutive bachelor’s/master’s program of “Angewandte Geowissenschaften” (applied geosciences) was introduced in the 2006/07 winter semester to replace the previous diploma programs of geology and mineralogy. It conveys broad and, at the same time, substantiated know-how in the geoscientific disciplines of geology, mineralogy, petrology, economic geology, and geochemistry as well as hydrogeology, engineering geology, geothermal energy, and petrophysics. In addition, some neighboring disciplines, such as geophysics, geoinformatics, and geodesy, are covered by education. As the program is of mathematico-scientific character, basics in mathematics, physics, and chemistry are imparted during the first semesters. The master’s program provides students with the opportunity to specialize in the areas of hydro-/engineering geology, geoenergy/georesources or mineralogy /geochemistry.

Thanks to the wide range of subjects taught in lectures and tutorials as well as in practical laboratory classes, field exercises, and excursions in Germany and abroad, geoscientists graduating from KIT are able to independently conduct scientific research and to meet the high requirements in various areas in industry, authorities, research, and education institutions.

Prospective students are invited to contact the Fachschaft Geowissenschaften Karlsruhe (geosciences student representatives of KIT). It will be pleased to answer questions relating to studies of geosciences and offers advice from students to students.

The consecutive bachelor’s/master’s program of “Angewandte Geowissenschaften” (applied geosciences) is an accredited (BSc, MSc) program of KIT and, hence, meets international standards.