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Poster Session


1 Leveling network for surface deformation along Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen geothermal sites, France Gilbert Ferhat
2 Lithospheric-scale 3D structural and thermal modelling of Hessen Jessica Freymark
3 Multidisciplinary exploration and characterization of a geothermal reservoir in Chile Sebastian Held
4 Numerical Modeling of Borehole Heat Exchangers (BHEs) and its interactions with the surrounding soil Haibing Shao
5 Hydrochemical properties of deep carbonate aquifers, SW-German Molasse Basin Ingrid Stober
6 Time reversal stacking of P and S waves to determine location and focal mechanism of microseismic events recorded during hydraulic stimulation Josef Vlcek
7 Precise double-difference locations based on automatic picker Tomas Fischer
8 Results of the ECOGI deep geothermal project Clement Baujard
9 Influence of the flow channel geometry on the attachment of colloids and the reduction of permeability in different strongly altered granites of potential geothermal reservoir rocks Madeleine Stoll
10 Enhancing geological interpretation with gravity; application to Permo-Carboniferious graben in Switzerland Yassine Abdelfettah
11 A geodetic monitoring of the Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen geothermal sites Christine Heimlich
12 Rock magnetic fabrics and tectonics of the Nordschwarzwald Granite Complex Jens Grimmer
Fault Structures and Local Stress Anomaly in the Bavarian Molasse Basin



Thermo-hydraulic modelling of deep geothermal single borehole project "GeneSys"