European Geothermal Workshop Karlsruhe 15.- 16.10.2014



Characterization of Deep Geothermal Systems

15-16 October 2014, KIT Karlsruhe

This workshop aims at discussing new approaches, methods or data in the fields of deep geothermal reservoirs for energy exploitation with a strong focus on on-going research. It proposes a platform of scientific exchange, especially between PhD students and scientists. We encourage PhD students and scientists involved in geothermal reservoir technology to present their recent research and ideas. It is foreseen that the workshop contributions will be published in the special issue of a reviewed journal.



  • Reservoir exploration: integrative approaches, joint inversions

  • Reservoir monitoring: scaling, corrosion, "intelligent wells"

  • Reservoir operation: multi-well, multi-reservoir

  • Reservoir modelling: history matching, coupled THMC

Workshop sessions

Keynotes: Experienced scientists will discuss up to date practices, current research aspects or last state of the art for specific topics relevant to the workshop. Discussion time will follow.

Oral session: Ph.D. students are invited to present their on-going work during a 15-minutes talk and a 5-minutes discussion. An extended abstract with approx. 4 pages must be submitted. 

First-aid session: Support session for young Ph.D. students who cannot yet present results. They are invited to present their questions related to their PhD topic on 2-3 slides. A one-page description must be submitted.

Poster session: Session addressed to every participant (PostDoc / Ph.D. students /…). Posters are open over the workshop with specific dedicated time during lunch and coffee breaks. An extended abstract (up to 4 pages) must be submitted. At the end of the workshop a poster-prize will be awarded.