European Geothermal Workshop 2019

Characterization of Deep Geothermal Systems

9-10 October 2019, KIT, Karlsruhe

This workshop aims at discussing new approaches, methods or data in the fields of deep geothermal reservoirs for energy exploitation, with a strong focus on on-going research. It proposes a platform of scientific exchange, especially between PhD students and scientists.

Topics covered

  • Assessment of Geothermal Resources
  • Exploration of Geothermal Reservoirs
  • Constructing Geothermal Wells
  • Resource Development
  • Energy Conversion Systems
  • Operation of Geothermal Systems
  • Sustainability, Environment and Regulatory Framework
  • Computing and Data Management, Machine Learning

Confirmed keynote speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Joseph Moore (Uni. of Utah) - FORGE Project

  • Prof. em. Dr. Ladislaus Rybach (ETH Zurich) - Sustainability of Geothermal Systems

  • Prof. Dr. Inga Berre (Uni. of Bergen) - Identification of governing dynamics in geothermal reservoirs by mathematical and numerical modelling

  • Dr. Corinna Abesser (BGS) - A new mine water geothermal research facility: the UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow, Scotland

Side events

  • Geothermal site visit: The Pfalzwerke geofuture GmbH invite us to visit their Insheim (Palatinate) EGS power plant on Friday morning, 11th October

Important dates

Workshop sessions

  • Keynote lectures: Experienced scientists will discuss up-to-date practices, current research aspects or last state-of-the-art in specific topics relevant to the workshop. Discussion will follow.
  • Oral sessions: Speakers are invited to present their on-going work during a 12-minutes talk and a 3-minutes discussion.
  • Poster sessions: Posters can be seen and discussed all over the workshop and during specific dedicated time periods. At the end of the workshop, prizes for the best posters will be awarded.